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Waking woman celebration


International summer retreat with Deva Baumbach and Maeioum (Mexico)


Permafarma Veselice 


Welcome to this celebration of life.

This is an invitation for you to join WAKING WOMAN,

 founded in Mexico in 2013 by Angelika Baumbach and Deva Baumbach.

We offer our song and dance as an intimate circle of women of all nationalities and paths,

joining our intent to celebrate the creative force inside and around us,

gathering to reconnect with the call of our souls and regenerate our spirits, cultivating affection, healthy sexuality, creativity and vitality

and release energetic, emotional and mental blockages.


We traverse together through a creative process, through ritual,

music and dance, Practice, Word and Teachings.

This year we will focus on cultivating and enhancing the path of joy in our lives.


Spirit arts

It is through creative expression that we weave the experience of this gathering, allowing us to open to the gardens of our Beings and share with each other in the language of the heart through Dances of Universal Peace, Presence in movement and chanting .

Feminine Alchemy Practice

This practice is based on Onthogony, a Self-Realization Path. Its pillars are Chikung, Meditation and Therapy.


Sacred Sexuality is a doorway to the outmost potential as humans and it is a path for actual self-love, joy and spiritual realization. Honoring and understanding the sacredness of our sexual energy allows us to apply it to let go behavioral patterns and self-limiting believes, bringing joy, health and balance in all aspects of our lives. 

We will be learning some therapeutic practises like Pelvic Breathing, Taoist energy transformative practises and sexual energy circulation, that you can do separately or as one on your Self-Love Journey. 

Rites of passage

There are moments of the experience of being a woman that happens once in a lifetime, we take the opportunity to celebrate and accompany the women who are traversing a particular cycle in order to offer support and blessing and welcome the passage with integrity.

Healing circle

In order to embrace vitality, joy and healthy relationships it is important to constantly let go of emotional charge that takes unnecessary space inside of us. 

We gather through the power of being together in group dynamics that allow us to clean, see ourselves and regenerate.







Deva Baumbach is the co-creator of Waking Woman that was born in 2013-Mexico. She facilitates sacred art retreats, gatherings and festivals for women and men in Mexico as well as other countries using dance and music as a tool for inner development and self realization. Deva has been teaching for over ten years and leads blessing ceremonies that support families in their rites of passage.

As the creator of the Musical Mandala which is an interactive ritual concert, as well as a leader of Universal Peace Dances of the international INDUP, Deva offers her work in order to strengthen community and cultivate awareness through creative presence as it is a language that transcends cultural barriers.

She was trained in music, Hatha Yoga, Zen meditation, universal peace dances, sacred dances of Gurdjieff, butoh dance and other dance trainings, as well as healing techniques like massage and pranic healing.

Deva has been supported by Mexican government for two researches on indigenous chanting in Veracruz and Chiapas.

Lover and supporter of the beautiful life on Mother Earth.

More about Deva:


Mae has been facilitating Holistic Therapies, Heart & Womb Sacred Circles and Sacred Feminine retreats and workshops, around the world for over 10 years, promoting and empowering women wisdom and Self-love. Her work is based on Tantric and Taoist Alchemy, Self-enquiry and Self-healing.

Mae is as a Life Coach, Doula, Feminine Alchemy Facilitator, Holistic Therapist, Hridaya Hatha Yoga and Heart Mediation teacher, trained on Yoni Tantra & Taoism, Womb Yoga and Shamanic Healing in India, Thailand, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil and London. 

For the past 15 years she has been traveling the world, seeking the knowledge and blessings of ancient teachings into the depths of the Sacred Inner Space of the Heart and learning tools for human growth in terms of emotional, mental and physical Health, cultivation of Self-Love and Empowerment, Openness to Connected Relationships, Healthy and Blissful Sex, Contentment, Life Purpose Fulfillment, as well as of Spiritual Mission. Today she holds sacred space for women’s Self-healing and Self-discovering, in loving service for the Sacred Feminine as a life style.


More about Maeioum:

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Body&Soul events producer, creator of Almadela events, photographer of the nature beauty, mother of a son. Her life experience brought her to explore deeper relationship with herself and now she creates occassions for others, to connect with their essence and truth. Together with her life partner Martin Vachuška she offers family and systemic constellation work for awareness of the hidden dynamics in life. In Czech Republic they are organizing concerts of inspiring world music artists such as Mirabai Ceiba and Estas Tonne and take care for Waking Woman Retreats in Europe.

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